We live in these pages, not as a single voice, but in multivocal unison. We take many voices, varied tones, different genres, and distinct frames. We speak to resist, to reinvent, and to reframe… more importantly, we speak to create and imagine”.

(Devika Chawla and Amardo Rodriguez: Liminal Traces – Storying, Performing, and Embodying Postcoloniality)

When and how does voice need body/body need voice?  How do they meet?  How do they do well together?

In these pages I’m exploring images, experiences and perceptions of Voice meeting Body & Body meeting Voice; imagining and creating ideas about and an increasing awareness of these.

I welcome you to do so also and to comment in order to co-develop this topic, and also to contribute to co-creating the nature of the inturnships on this subject, that I’m planning to offer.  You may be interested in considering taking one of these inturnships when the programme is relaunched in spring 2016!

I’ll be adding to the voice and body section and I hope that you will add your comments there also.  Thank you in anticipation of an exciting and shared process of discovery!

May morning, Oxford
May morning, Oxford

(Please note that the content here is independent of the Social Sculpture Research Unit).


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